Reverting to his career origins in blending, Billy Walker relaunched White Heather as a premium blended scotch brand back in 2021. An iconic Scottish plant, white heather is the basis of several legends and seen to be the Highland equivalent of the elusive four-leafed clover. Said to bring good fortune to all who find it, we have used this luck, along with the expertise of our passionate team led by revered Master Blender, to create our very own legend. As we approach the end of 2022, we want to take the time to reflect upon another exciting year and extend our gratitude to those who have enjoyed our whiskies across the world.

White Heather Blended Scotch

There is no denying that the word ‘blend’ suffers from an image problem in the whisky sphere. Often perceived to be old-fashioned and inferior to single malts, there are drinkers who will disregard a blended scotch before even so much as a nose of the glass. However, with drinkers becoming increasingly engaged and educated with the whisky-making process, perception is changing, and we want you to know that White Heather isn’t just any blend. For us, 2022 was a year to better inform drinkers what makes our whisky that extra bit special. With the belief that the premium blend category is growing, Billy set out to spearhead this movement with our small-batch whiskies.

The art of blending is one that takes patience, skill and creativity to name but a few; the aim being to marry the different flavours in such a way that the sum is greater than its parts. With a vetern Master Blender at our helm, who this year celebrated his 50th year in the whisky sphere, you can be assured that each drop of our whisky is blended to perfection.

Billy Walker Master Blender White Heather

A major milestone this year was the launch of a brand-new product to create a core range for White Heather. Faced with limited aging stock, coupled with high demand for our award-winning 21-year-old, the time was right to introduce a younger, more accessible 15-year-old.

Having underwent a complex, dual maturation journey, this release has already been highly commended. In April, our 15-year-old scooped a Gold Medal achieving an outstanding 95 points at the IWSC, with judges describing the golden liquid with “…an exuberant, floral nose presenting delicate notes of ripe lemon and fine-grained oak. The palate is complex and perfumed and reveals a wonderful ashy smoke quality and delicious malted cereal flavours. Outstanding!” – we’ll drink to that!

White Heather Blended Scotch 15-year-old

Thanks to a growing core range, we were able to showcase our exquisite blends at festivals and tastings to whisky fans across the globe this year. From Glasgow to Taiwan, and everywhere in between, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to share our legend with you all. We want to thank everyone who has supported us, we appreciate each and every one of you. Here’s to 2023, this year we raise a dram to you.