The Legend

As Scottish legend has it, the illusive white heather brings good fortune to all who find it.


But by our reckoning, if you're holding a bottle of our whisky, you're already one of the lucky ones, for blends of this quality are as rare as our namesake.

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The GlenAllachie distillery is the home of this exceptional blend, with Master Blender, Billy Walker, crafting each and every drop of whisky to perfection.

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The age statement

The age of the youngest spirit in the blend. We believe age matters. This is why our whisky is expertly aged to perfection in the finest hand-selected casks.

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With a high single malt content, and aged GlenAllachie as part of the blend, this limited release has been carefully crafted by Master Blender, Billy Walker, to create a full-bodied whisky with the perfect balance of sweet and gentle peat.

We never chill-filter or colour our spirit – a philosophy which simply allows the exceptional spirit within every bottle to speak for itself.

Billy Walker
Master Blender

Our Range

Explore our carefully crafted range by master blender Billy Walker.

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What is Blended Scotch?

A combination of malt and grain whiskies expertly blended together to create a unique and exceptional flavour.


The whiskies began their journey in a combination of 1st and 2nd fill American Oak and Sherry casks. Once blended, the spirit was filled for secondary maturation in specially selected Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Puncheons, as well as Appalachian Virgin Oak casks. As the whiskies marry, they also interact with the wood, enriching the flavour experience.

The Whisky

The quality of the vintage whiskies we blend is equally as important as the wood. Each single malt contributes its own unique characteristics; GlenAllachie brings rich and fruity notes, the Islay malt contributes subtle hints of peat, and the Highland malt adds a honeyed sweetness. The older grain whiskies are the rich and bold foundations which deliver an extra layer of complexity.

Master Blender

White Heather is skilfully crafted by industry icon, Billy Walker, who boasts an almost 50-year tenure in whisky and blending. He meticulously selects the finest Scotch Whiskies and the rarest of casks to build an unparalleled flavour experience.

Bottle of White Heather

Art of Blending

Blending is a fine art perfected over many years. The most magnificent component whiskies, a first-class wood management policy, and the skills of a talented blender can jointly establish a dram that sits proudly alongside even the very best single malts.

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